Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentleman,

there is something happening in our economy and society. After six decades of continual growth and stability we are now experiencing probably the biggest economical crisis that the world has ever seen. What we are experiencing now and in the years to come is more than a crisis. It is the collapse of the old structures against which politics can do nothing. This development has been prophesized by many and comes as no surprise to those who believed what they heard.

We are standing today literally before a total new beginning for the whole of mankind which no person, no firm and no organisation will be able to ignore. However before the new becomes apparent the old must collapse. A very long age is coming to a close and it will be called the age of separation. Man has during the last two thousand years made considerable, even revolutionary progress in scientific and technical spheres. This has made it possible for millions of people in the last few decades to lead a comfortable life which was unimagineable to our ancestors.

However mankind has fallen into an extremely unbalanced state between the poles of outside and inside, material and spiritual, to have and to be. Through this mankind has violated the laws of the universe. These are laws of compromise and balance. However everyone wants compromise. This applies to the human body as well as to mankind and every organisation.

We have become used to accepting the outside appearance as reality and have not bothered about the inside, the invisible. The truth is: the essential is always invisible. All substance comes from the spirit. The outer being always arises from consciousness and reflects this. Today what we see on the outside, whether it is the state of our sick body (see alzheimer - 1 million people are suffering from dementia) the increase in those addicted to drugs and pills (approx. 8 million in Germany) is the same phenomenon that we can see in the economy. Where the responsibility of thoughts and acts are taken over without love, where it is no longer questioned why we do this and that and where the reason for our lives is no longer questioned, but just how material things can be increased, then after a while the result must appear in the form of disorder, chaos, collapse and illness. This is happening now in every aspect of human life.

Man, like his firms, has become separated from love. Whoever does not love what he is and what he does must in the end lose it. This affects the health of the body, the spirit, the stability of firms and that of countries. Not only the banks have separated themselves from the job of serving a booming economy for the benefit of everyone. Industrial firms like service organisations no longer consider whether what they are offering serves people and society. Turnover, profit and the welfare of the shareholders are the only motives for their business. However this behaviour arose out of the consciousness of the normal person who had failed to succeed in the bargain hunt.

It is love which holds the outer structures together, whether it is the human body or the firm. When the firm cannot serve its employees, its customers and society then those people will turn against it and be destructive, just as the cells in the human body become destructive against the host - the total human organism to which he belongs - and destroy it.

The year 2009 as with the following years will cause a lot of fear and panic amongst the masses. Whoever thinks than I am exaggerating will have to correct himself later. This is not about finding out how we can escape whether as a private person or as an organisation - it is about radical rethinking and reorientation which has been demanded from mankind for thousands of years. Whoever thinks they can escape this process or remain in a corner in the old system will receive a nasty schock.

What does this changeover period mean for the individual? It means basically tidying up, putting things in order, wandering and changing. For too long people have come to terms with a life which offers them no real inner satisfaction and fulfilment. The normal person has conformed to a life of hundreds of rules as to what "one" does or does not do. He has forgotten to question why he is here in the world, what it is all about and what his purpose in life should be. It has to do with recognising the purpose of one's life and to follow it. It is the question "What kind of spiritual child am I in my partnerships and family, at my place of work and at my club? Am I a person who connects or one who separates? Am I one that judges others or one that perceives: the other one, that is my brother, that is my sister. They are like me on a path which up to now has been plagued by unconsciousness, prejudice, perpetrator-victim and winner-loser structures, by no love, by struggle, exclusion and destruction. Hardly anyone is today prepared to take over his creator responsibility in love for his creation, thoughts, speech and deeds.

Tidying up means to create order in ourselves, in our relationships and in our past. It means looking at the "building site" of discord and entanglement which up to now have tied us to our own past. These must be closed. It means getting rid of the heavy weight inside as well as outside - the rucksack full of guilt, shame, fear and discord, just like the rubbish of wealth in our cellars.

Wandering does not mean as in the old sense which is the stopping of things that are moving that have already proved to have no purpose e.g. empty purposeless personal relationships in which those involved just waste away, in meaningless working relationships in which people produce useless things or just serve out their time. Wandering means that the heart of one of these people tells him exactly what is wrong in his life. Things that are wrong and foolish will be corrected and changed. Discord will be changed into peace and oppression will be changed into freedom.

This new age into which the ever accelerating collapse is leading us will be the age of love. Whoever is prepared to go in this direction and follow the impulses of his heart will be given the gifts of joy, ease and peace. As I said earlier, I would like to draw to your attention Mirdad from "The Book of Mirdad". "You live in order to learn to love and you love in order to learn to live". No other task is demanded from us.

I hope that you all will choose the direction of your heart, to live and to strengthen it. Our loving heart is the best leader in these times of uncertainty. Follow your hearts, follow the direction of love and gladness and a life of fulfilment will begin.